Tweed Suits

tweed suit exudes class, elegance and style all at the same time. When you want something that sets you apart from everyone else, a tweed suit will do the job wonderfully.

Traditionally, tweed is known as the fabric for the upper class. Today, tweed suits are making a comeback and how! A combination of tradition with the Christie’s Tailors touch, these tweed suits are a great choice for any occasion.

Make a Statement with Made to Measure Tweed Suits

Our service is completely made to measure, which ensures that you not only get a suit that’s well fitted but that you can customise it the way you like in terms of style, accessorising and the fabric.

Our team of craftsmen understands tweeds like the back of our hands. Be it their knowledge of the extensive range of tweed cloths we offer or making suggestions about the right fit and style for you, we will help you all the way.

We begin with an initial consultation to understand your requirements, your taste, your personality, your likes, the colours you like and on and on. We will offer you a drink so you can take your time to relax and loosen up. After all, we want to hear all you’ve got to say so we can make the right suggestions for your custom tweed suit.

Our expert craftsmen will then take your measurements. Along the way, they will take note of any specific instructions or requests you may have. We will also make suggestions to ensure you get a suit that’s a complete match for you.

Can’t make it to our store? No problem! We will come to you – be it your office, home or any place that’s convenient for you. One of our experienced tailors will visit you at the scheduled time to hear you out, and take you through our range of tweed fabrics before taking your measurement.

High Quality Tweeds from Scotland

This rough woollen fabric that originated in Scotland has come a long way. Of course, the modern tweed fabric is luxurious, soft yet classy.

We bring to you an exclusive collection of tweeds that are woven at some of the oldest mills in Scotland. These tweeds are made using traditional techniques and equipment. Raw woollen yarn is processed in traditional looms using local spring water to create tweeds of unmatched quality and personality.

Traditionally, tweeds featured colours from the local area – purple, orange, brown, grey – to provide camouflage for hunters. Our fabrics feature these classic shades with a contemporary touch of over checks that make them a great pick for the modern wardrobe.

We bring to you a wide range of tweed cloths for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a subtle touch of checks or a bright and solid shade, we’ve got you covered.

Make a Mark with Bespoke Tweed Suits

When you are looking for comfort, style and luxury, look no further than made to measure suits crafted by our master tailors. The thrill of picking a tweed fabric, the lining, the trimming and very thought of wearing a garment that perfectly fits you is unmatched.

Want to customise the size or placement of pockets?

Looking to enhance the best features you’ve got?

Perhaps want to disguise your pot belly a bit?

bespoke tweed suit from Christie’s Tailors makes all of that and more possible. Add to that the fact that your bespoke tweed suit would earn brownie points from even the most critical and traditional tweed purists.

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At Christie’s Tailors, we take great pride in what we do. We strive to produce made to measure suits of the highest quality. Each suit we craft is completely hand stitched using traditional tailoring techniques to the highest standards.

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