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At Christie’s Tailors, we understand that store bought suits don’t always provide the most flattering fit. From ill-fitting sleeves to uncomfortable collars and unflattering lines, they often leave a lot to be desired on the style front! That’s why we offer an affordable made to measure suit service.

What is a Made to Measure Suit?

Made to measure services have been around for decades. Used to help make it more affordable for men to benefit from a perfectly fitted suit without the bespoke prices, this service allows you to alter various aspects of the suits design.

You’ll be presented with pre-made sample garments, which are then tailored to match your body type and measurements.

How does it differ from a bespoke service?

With a fully bespoke suit service, the entire suit is created from scratch. You have a much wider choice of design options, though it does cost more for this type of service.

Made to measure on the other hand, uses samples garments and then alters them. So, the suit doesn’t need to be created from scratch. You still have a number of design options open to you, along with a great choice of fabrics to choose from.

Providing full suits and individual garments

At Christie’s Tailors, we offer full suit, as well as individual garment made to measure services. So, whether you’re looking to have a full dinner or wedding suit made to measure, or whether you just need the shirt or trousers, we can help.

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