Bespoke Suits

Bespoke Suits in Leeds

One of the main services we offer here at Christie’s Tailors, is the creation of bespoke suits. If you want a suit that’s guaranteed to fit perfectly, this is the service for you.

Designed to match your exact measurements, these suits don’t just fit perfectly, they also look incredible. Crafted by our expert tailors using the finest fabrics in the industry, our bespoke suits are unbeatable in terms of quality, style and cost.

Wide Range of Designs

You’ll be presented with a large number of design options when choosing your bespoke suit. Choose from thousands of beautiful, high-quality fabrics; available in an extensive range of colours.

You also have complete control over every little detail of the suit’s design. Customise everything from the belt loops to the pocket lining. At Christie’s Tailors we want you to be 100% satisfied with your new suit, so we encourage your input into the finer details.

Bespoke Suits to Match Every Occasion

We specialise in bespoke suits for every occasion. From bespoke wedding suits and formal business suits to casual tweed suits, our tailors are equipped to handle any request. What’s more, we’ll design the suit with your personality in mind. A man’s wardrobe should be an accurate representation of who he is, and a bespoke suit gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine through.

Understanding the Process

Christie’s Tailors is dedicated to producing the very best bespoke suits. The first step in this process, is talking through your requirements.

We like to get an idea of who you are, what the suit will be used for and how often the suit will be worn. This enables us to select the best fabrics and design customisation to perfectly match your requirements.

A lot of tailors simply show only a very small selection of styling options. However, we believe our customers should be in complete control over how they want the suit to look. So, you’ll be presented with an extensive range of design options to choose from.

First we like to have a consultation, if you are in the Leeds area, Harrogate, Bradford, Wakefield or surrounding areas then we can come to you. After the consultation, you’ll require a fitting to ensure we have exact measurements to work with. If you’re happy with the design, fabric and measurements, our tailors will get to work creating your fully bespoke suit.

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