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A Guide to Buying Your Second Bespoke Suit

A Guide to Buying Your Second Bespoke Suit

Once you get a hang for bespoke suits, chances are you will never settle for anything less. Bespoke suits reflect your unique personality and styling to perfection. It is the most effective way of leaving your stamp and standing apart from the crowd. If you already own a tailormade suit in traditional style, perhaps you’d like your second suit to be a little different.

A second suit will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe for special occasions when you want a more flamboyant look. It need not be too ostentatious but something with more spunk and dazzle compared to your regular wear bespoke suit.

The Colour

Now that you already have a suit in traditional charcoal grey or navy blue, your second suit can be a little more colourful. Brown suits in worsted fabric look wonderful during autumn.

Similarly, for summer, you can opt for bespoke suits in lighter shades of grey or cream for a casual, summery look.

Vintage shades like solid green or rich burgundy are also perfect for making a style statement at informal gatherings or office parties. They also look great on special occasions like a wedding.

The Pattern

In all probability, your first suit flaunts the ever-popular pinstripe pattern or is in a solid shade. Be a little experimental when ordering your second bespoke suit.

The wider chalk stripe is a great pattern for creating a sophisticated, old-world style. When crafted into a three-piece suit, they offer the best of traditional design combined with trendy styling.

Other patterns to consider include herringbone, houndstooth, sharkskin, window checks and birdseye. If you are confident of wearing something more outstanding, you can even opt for floral patterns or the classic paisley.

The Pockets

Instead of the usual two straight-pocket style with flaps, you can opt for slanted pockets for your second bespoke suit. This design adds more character and depth with its unusual, stylish design.

Slanted pockets flatter the shape of your torso while drawing attention to your waist. They perfectly complement the unique build of your body making you look more handsome and dashing. You can also add a ticket pocket for an asymmetrical look that is sure to make your second bespoke suit more interesting and fashionable.

The Buttons

Buttons are probably the first thing people notice about your suit when you stand close to them. They often become the focal point of your bespoke suit and speak volumes about your signature style and personal preference. While the options are endless, what matters most is that the button should gel in perfectly with your bespoke suit.

Buttons in colours that contrast with the shade of your suit look really cool and stylish. For example, a suit in mid-blue shade looks stunning with buttons in dark horn. The brownish shade of the buttons perfectly complements the blue of the suit, creating a striking effect.

For special occasions like a wedding, consider choosing buttons in mother-of-pearls for a really glamorous look.

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