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A Complete Guide to Made to Measure Suits

A Complete Guide to Made to Measure Suits

A made-to-measure suit gives you the perfect opportunity for flaunting your own distinct signature style. It is the most efficient way of having a beautifully made suit that fits you perfectly and gives shape to your style aspirations.

Crafted from a template that suits you perfectly, a made-to-measure suit is a must-have when you want to make a statement with personalised styling. Whether it’s a formal occasion, a business meeting, an informal gathering or your own wedding, you are sure to stand apart from the crowd in your unique made-to-measure suit.


Creating Your Own Made-to-Measure Suit

Since a made-to-measure suit is made just for you, your inputs are of vital importance. After all, your tailor will customise it per your specifications. If you are confused, it would be prudent to browse through some men’s fashion magazine to understand the latest styles and cuts. The internet is also a great place to understand more about how you would like your made-to-measure suit to be tailored.

Your tailor will work on your initial inputs and improve upon it further.

The Consultation Process

Once you have something in mind, book a consultation session with your tailor. The consultation session is a complicated process as you would be making a lot of decisions. You will have to choose the cloth, colour, design, cut and more.

However, it is the first step towards creating your made-to-measure suit. The research you have done (as mentioned in the point above) will come handy if you already know something about these.

Of course, your tailor is always there to guide you in taking the right decision. Your tailor will ask you several questions like how often you plan to use the suit, whether you want a winter suit or a summer suit or something suitable throughout the year, any special occasions you want to wear the suit to and so on.

A detailed discussion will help you take the right decisions. It also ensures that your made-to-measure suit turns out exactly the way you imagined.

Choosing the Fabric

Once the consultation process is over, it’s time to choose the fabric. Your tailor is likely to stock over a thousand different fabrics sourced from the best mills from across the world.

The first step is to choose a fabric that doesn’t weigh too much. The lightest fabrics weigh between 8oz and 9oz while heavy fabrics weigh between 14oz and 15oz. A 12oz fabric is a good middle ground for suits that can be worn throughout the year.

Next, you will have to choose the shade and the pattern. While shades cover the entire spectrum from light to dark, typical patterns include pinstripes, checks and birdseye. Of course, you can stick to bold solid shades if you love minimalist styling. The choice of cloth has a significant impact on the pricing of the final product.

You will also have to choose what sort of construction you need – fully-canvassed to half-lined. The way the suit is constructed also affects the pricing.

The Suit Measurements

Now it’s time for your measurement. Some master tailors are likely to just keep you standing for minutes while they judge your structure from every angle. A visual inspection allows the tailor to understand the type of adjustments that need to be made depending on your posture, build and physical symmetry.

The actual measurement process begins after this. Several measurements are taken such as those of your waist, chest, seat, length of sleeves, shoulder distance and so on.

Next, you will be asked to try out a suit that matches your preference. Once you have worn it, your tailor will pin it at various places to shape it according to your unique structure. This will be the template the tailor will use while working on the actual fabric.

Although a laborious and unenjoyable process, this is an important step that helps your tailor to give the perfect shape to your made-to-measure suit.

The Details

After the measurements are taken, you will choose additional details that will make your suit truly yours. Your tailor is likely to ask you about the styling of the lapel, the number of buttons you want, the distance of the belt loops, pockets with or without flaps, plain or cuff finish and so on.

Such details will help him craft the best made-to-measure suit that truly reflects your personality.

The Fitting Session

After a few weeks, you will be called for an initial fitting session. Your final suit will not be ready until the time your tailor and you are satisfied with the fit and the style.

You may have to go through a repeat fitting session if the initial one reveals certain irregularities that need correction. The fitting session is also where the length of your sleeves and trousers will be measured.

As a rule of thumb, the cuff of your shirt sleeves must be visible at least half an inch from the end of your suit sleeves. So wear a shirt you wear every day or if you plan to wear the suit with a particular shirt, then carry it with you.

For the trouser length too, a lot depends on the type of shoes you are wearing. If you have a particular shoe in mind, then wear that to the fitting session.

A few weeks later, you will be called for a final fitting session by when everything about your made-to-measure suit should be perfect. Once you have given your nod, the final processing will begin and will take another few weeks to be completed.

As you can understand, having a made-to-measure suit is an elaborate process that takes time. So book your suit in advance if you have a particular occasion in mind. Made-to-measure suits are definitely more expensive than off-the-rack ones, but they are worth every penny you spend on them. A good quality suit will last for decades; so consider it as an excellent long-term investment.

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